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For those wondering what all this is about, we’ve briefly outlined the cultural history of Dick Butts and the context of both Ethereum centric O.G and Series 3 collections below.

Memetic and Cultural History

As shared in a detailed Twitter thread, the memetic impact of this anthropomorphic phallus is so old that it pre-dates Bitcoin and the ensuing rise of NFTs.

Dick Butts found its way into the world over fifteen years ago (July 2nd, 2006) in a webcomic by K.C. Green. called "Tree. You've Been Good to Us" as part of the “Horribleville” series.

Other definitive moments included an entry about Dick Butts to Urban Dictionary on April 12th 2007. 

Further concretising the narrative and impact, on June 8th, 2009, BuzzFeed featured a multi-pane comic that included the iconic meme in a drawing from Batman. 

Fast-forwarding several years, although K.C expressed a growing disdain for his creation in a recent interview, one could argue that so long as dicks and butts uphold their prestigious SEO rankings on Google, so too will the legacy of something that combines the best of both worlds (powered by the inherently viral nature of memes) invariably remain…

NFT Collection

Rumour has it that the original CryptoDickbutt NFTs were created to pay homage (and be gifted) to several notable holders of CryptoPunks by Larva Labs.

Series 1 & 2 collection:

“Escaped from Gooch Island, CryptoDickbutts are on the loose. Each CryptoDickbutt features a randomly generated set of traits, with some being rarer than others. The original Series 1 was capped at 52 CryptoDickbutts. Series 2 is capped at 104 CryptoDickbutts. Keep away from children.”

Series 3: 

As demand for this original collection quickly outgrew the limited supply, a broader Series 3 collection with 5,200 Dick Dutts launched July 2021.

“Once a utopia, Gooch Island has fallen and CryptoDickbutts have been evacuated. Series 3 features 5200 all new CryptoDickbutts, each with a set of randomly generated traits. Keep away from children. “

Along with finding a welcome home in the wallets of several CryptoPunk holders, the CDB lore and community also shares a digital kinship of sorts with CryptoToadz by the Evil King Gremplin.

The CryptoDickbutt DAO

The following outline can be referenced on the official announcement via Mirror.


The Cryptodickbutts DAO is a welcoming community of CryptoDickbutts, a small potentially amphibious creature with a 🍆 on its 🍑. Why is it there? We do not know. 

Our DAO’s mission is to establish a new Gooch Island in the physical world, giving the CryptoDickbutts a place to roam freely.

As the world knows, the CryptoDickbutts were exiled from Gooch Island after a period of great unrest. The former utopia is now in disrepair and nearly unlivable (save for the sole inhabitant, Cryptoadz Leader Colonel Floorbin). 

The CryptoDickbutt DAO’s members will be any holders of CryptoDickbutts. Its mission? Find and establish a new Gooch Island in the “offline” world.

The search for the island has begun, and all holders are now invited to join and work to identify the island, fundraise for the establishment of Gooch Island, and develop the plan for the ongoing management of our reclaimed utopia. 

What Comes Next?

Starting immediately, holders of Cryptodickbutts OG, 3D, and Season 3 NFTs who authenticate on the CryptoDickbutt discord server will have access to two new channels: DickbuttDAO and DAO-Governance. These channels will serve as the initial hub of DAO activity. Governance will happen on-chain (with one vote for every CryptoDickbutt NFT in your wallet). 

We are also looking for developers, lawyers, community managers, content writers, artists, and designers to assist with the early creation of the DAO. If any of these roles interest you, please DM us on Twitter.

Newsletter Content

The newsletter's content will explore definitive traits of CryptoDickbutts and the culture it represents. Although the focus of each issue will vary, readers can expect to find a combination of the following:

Features on Community Members:  Be it protocol, dApp, NFT, or DAO - one infallible component to web3 is the people involved. In our discord, we don't just acknowledge this. We celebrate it. And to help share gratitude for all those that make CryptoDickbutts so unique, the Gooch Gazette will include features on CDB discord members along with their prophetic contributions ;)

Interviews: To strengthen our solidarity, the G.G. will also publish curated interviews with members of the discord (both new and OGs). Questions will range from exploring the value of CryptoDickbutts, to how they got involved and where our holders believe the collection might be going. A Google form has also been set up for anyone who’d like to contribute their thoughts: https://forms.gle/Z1NzLns7dGWtfaDT7

Initiatives & Projects: It can be challenging to catch up on the latest news and drops in the NFT world. So to help save you time and effort, the G.G newsletter will include summaries of the most exciting and relevant initiatives relating to the CDB DAO and discord.

Further Reading & Education: Despite being a slightly contentious topic at times, memes are, in many ways, one of the foundations of web3 culture. Due to this, the newsletter will also include the occasional essay that explores the value of memes and broader philosophies related to CryptoDickbutts. Content will be a combination of contributing writers and links to published material.

Takeaways, action points, and anything else: Lastly, in exchange for your generous support, the Gooch Gazette will also include actionable insights in the form of alfa strategies, how-to guides, and exclusive news.

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CryptoDickbutt Official Links: 

Website: https://www.cryptodickbutts.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoDickbutts

Discord: https://discord.gg/uhRmzP7Uuu 

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/cryptodickbutts

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/cryptodickbutts-s3 

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Once a utopia, Gooch Island has fallen and CryptoDickbutts have been evacuated.